5 Tips for a Successful Residential Move
Posted by householdmovers, 05/10/2018 11:30 am

No matter how stressful and busy it is before a move, the big day will come. Before the professional movers come, customers should complete a few basic tasks and follow some easy tips. Below are several things movers want families to know before they arrive.

Get All the Packing Done Early, Before the Movers Arrive

Unless a family hires a full-service mover, the company expects them to have their belongings packed before moving day. If the crew has to wait for the customer to finish packing, or help them do it, the additional time and effort on their part mean a higher bill.

Handle Valuables Yourself for Safety

A reputable mover will advise customers to keep their valuable items close by. Things like bank cards, cash, checks, jewelry, electronics, prescription medicines, and family heirlooms should remain in the family’s possession throughout the move. If a family owns valuable items that are too heavy to move, they should consider purchasing additional insurance before allowing the moving crew to handle them.

Avoid Packing Dangerous, Perishable, and Illegal Items

If a customer accidentally packs illegal items, the move will become more complicated and time-consuming. Movers are prohibited from transporting explosive, corrosive and flammable materials, or perishable foods, plants, firearms, and pets. Consider disposing of paints, fuels, and pesticides before moving day. If plants and pets aren’t making the trip, find good homes for them.

Label Things Properly

The movers will not only unload packed boxes from the truck, they’ll take them to the proper rooms in the new home. So, what happens when boxes are poorly labeled or not labeled at all? By properly labeling boxes, the moving crew will know just where each box is supposed to go.

Keep Pets and Children Out of the Way

Movers want customers to know that safety is the top priority, and while they’ve been trained to do their jobs safely, it’s the customer’s responsibility as well. If there are small children and pets in the home, ask a friend or family member to keep them in a room away from the action. Alternatively, hire a babysitter to keep the kids, cats, and dogs in another location until everyone is ready to go.

Moving day can be chaotic and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. By following these tips and choosing a reputable mover, the process is made simpler. For crosstown, cross-country, or Global Relocation services, call or visit the website today.

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